Mishela: “I am experimenting in a genre different from usual ballads”

mishela rapo

Our next interview is with Mishela Rapo from Albania, read on!

Hi Mishela, first can you tell us a bit about yourself, what are your hobbies?

My music career started when I was eight years old. I’ve been performing in many different stages so far, including national and international, for example in Turkey, Australia, and Albania. I’d like to see my road so far in two different aspects: “Gjeniu i vogël”, as talent show where I reached the final. Then, I grew up in many other stages, always bringing something new, enriching the kids’ song repertory by participating in children festivals. My hobbies include singing, playing guitar and piano, learning foreign languages, etc.

I watched the Albanian national final and I found it really strong, there were so many good songs. How did you feel when you won? Which was your favourite song (besides yours of course)?

It was really a hard competition. It was not the first time for me winning a festival, but this time it was different. It was surprising and I also felt so good. I felt so good to be rewarded after all the hard work. It was the start of something great. It was a challenge to myself to convey as well as I could my song to the public. All the songs were nice so I didn’t have a favourite one.

How have the reactions been in Albania to your win, is it a big thing or low-key?

The reactions have been and are still positive, because I have a 6-year-old  musical career, in Festivals and in Talent-shows.

Can you explain your song, what is it about? What do you like best about it?

I like the most the rhythm of the song and the lyrics. My song has a great message “Love and peace all over the world”. It invites all the children of the world to dance and sing together, having harmony among each other because music unites us. I am experimenting in a genre different from usual ballads, I will bring a genre that is still unexplored in Albania and I hope it will be liked by all my peers.

How have you been preparing for JESC? Have you received any tips from any past JESC singers? Have you been checking out what has done well in past years as a strategy?

I’m working everyday to have a good performance. Everyone has his own experiences and I want to enjoy mine as the first time at the JESC.

Since Albania has only been in JESC once before, have you had the chance to watch any past editions? What songs have you liked?

Of course that I have watched the past editions, because our Radio-Television always broadcasts International Festivals. I’ve liked all the songs but my favourites were Armenian song “People of the Sun” from last year and Russian song “Nebo” in 2012.

I saw you have performed in Australia before, and did you know they will participate for the first time in the JESC? What do you think about this?

Yes, I have performed in Australia this year in June at the “International Festival of Language and Culture” where I represented Albania. I didn’t knew it because Australia had not approved its participation yet, but when I heard that they had accepted to be a part of the JESC, I felt really good.

Would you like to go to adult Eurovision one day?

I think it would be great to have the honour to step one day on that majestic stage. It is a singer’s dream nowadays, and sure it is mine too.

Have you heard any songs from the other singers this year, what do you think of them?

Yes, I’ve not heard only the songs, but I have watched the preselections too. Eventhough I really like Ruslan’s voice (Belarus’ singer) I still think that the best song of the JESC this year would be “Mir” by Zinaida Kupriyanovich. It would be an amazing entry. And regarding to the competing songs, my favourite one is the Armenian song “Love”.

What are you planning for Sofia, is there anything you want to see or do there? Are you taking family or friends?

I have read a lot about Sofia, and Bulgaria in general. It’s an ancient country so I would like to visit the monuments from the Roman empire, Byzantine empire, the museums etc.. Of course that I’m taking my family with me.

What about your entry, how will you present it on stage in Sofia? Will you have any backing singers or dancers? What will your costume look like?

No, I will not have any backing singers or dancers. Regarding to the costume, we haven’t decided yet.

Now a hard question, what is the most interesting fact about you?

The most interesting fact about me is that when I start learning a new song, I don’t listen to the original version trying to imitate the other singers, because I want to sing every song in my own style and to feel what I sing.

What do you want to do in the future?

I’ll work hard to realize another dream, to represent Albania in a bigger stage such as the senior Eurovision.

Since JESC is your chance to promote your country to the rest of the world, can you tell us what you like about Albania, why should we visit Albania?

Albania is a really small country, but its values are great as it takes much time to learn them all. We have the fortune to have seas, lakes, rivers, fields, mountains, and magnificent mountain ranges. The landscape here is amazing. Then we have castles, museums, and historic places. Every city of Albania has within itself a great historical and cultural treasure. For me it’s the most beautiful country in the world. Oh, How I wish next year Albania to be the host country, so you can see that there are so many other things that I don’t remember now.

Quick questions!

Favourite food: Fried potatoes

Favourite country: Australia

Cats or dogs? Dogs

Summer or winter? Winter

Favourite book: “The broken April” –Ismail Kadare

Favourite movie: Hachicko-a dog’s tale

Thanks Mishela! Everyone, check out here entry at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zDQBYOoaUKQ

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