Magdalena & Ivana: “We’re like two strands of a braid that keeps growing as our friendship grows”

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We’re happy to kick off our 2015 interviews with the two cheerful girls from Macedonia – Magdalena & Ivana!

Hello Magdalena & Ivana, well done on being selected to represent Macedonia in Sofia. How do you feel about the upcoming contest?

M – I feel excited, a lot. It’s going to be a big opportunity for me and it’s going to be the biggest contest I’ve ever been a part of. So it’s a really big deal for me. But anyways were going to do our best in Sofia.

I – I am feeling so exited and happy. I can’t believe that we have just 1 month till the big eurovision scene. We are working so hard for 21st of November.

How did you get selected to enter JESC, whose idea was it?

M-On 6 September there was an audition for Macedonia’s representative on the JESC 2015. We had to sing two songs. One that was our choice and the other from the songs that have been in JESC from Macedonia. They called us two days later to tell us about the good news. Me and Ivana didn’t know each other before the auditions. I’m happy that me and Ivana are going on the contest together. We met there and we’ve been hanging out since then, not only for practicing. My dad saw that MRT would hold an audition and he asked me if I wanted to try my luck. And I guess that ^ September was my lucky day.

I – Well, the audition was on 6th of September. I was singing Almost is never enough by Ariana Grande and one of the popular Macedonian JESC songs “Prati mi SMS” by Bobby Andonov. I was sick at the audition so I was so nervous about that, but the people from the commission saw my talent. They wanted to choose one of us but they didn’t want to lose one of us so they choose us together in a duet. That’s how we were chosen for the audition for JESC 2015.

Can you tell us about your song, what are your opinions about it, what is it about? What do you like best about it?

M – Our song is about how the world should be a better place, no wars, just peace. Also Ivana told me that she came up with the idea to call the song “Braid” because the both of us are just like two strands of a braid and as our friendship grows the braid keeps braiding. I made the music and Ivana made the lyrics of the song and also it was produced in Kristijan Gabrovski’s studio where Risto Samardziev and Kristijan Gabrovski made the arrangement of our song. Everything is great, but I adore the part where the music goes slow and the music is also quieter where our voices are “interrupting” each other.

I – I am the song writer. Before I started writing the song i was thinking that it’s going to be really hard, but actually it wasn’t. If you write with your heart and focus on that, everyone can write a song no matter how old they are. In my mind I was thinking about 2 girls with braided hair. Then I realize that those 2 girls were me and Magdalena. We want love, happiness, no wars so we can do that together and everything will be stronger and happier. That’s how I was motivated to write this song with this title.

I’m sure everyone is curious if you have ever followed JESC in the past, and what were your favourite songs, if so? How about favourite Macedonian entries?

M-Yes, I was and I still am a big fan of JESC. My favorite entry is last year’s song called “People of the sun” by Betty. I love her energy and the song is very cute and fun. For me the best Macedonian entry of all time is “Prati mi SMS” by Bobi Andonov.

I – Yes I watched JESC every year and I always wanted to be on that stage one day, and now my dream came true and I’m so happy about it. Every song in JESC is a very good song because they succeeded to be on that stage. My favourite Macedonian song was “prati mi sms” by bobby andonov and i think that it was also the best entry on the jesc!

Do you watch adult Eurovision? Might we see you represent Macedonia there one day?

M- Of course. I love both JESC and ESC. It’s too early to say that, but I would love to represent my country in the adult version too.

I – Yes of course. That is one of my big dreams and I wish you to see me again on the Eurovision stage <3

How have you been preparing for JESC? Have you received any tips from any past JESC singers? Have you been checking out what has done well in past years as a strategy?

M –Yes we’re practicing the song all the time and soon we’re going to start with the choreography. We just met Barbara (2013 JESC) and she said that we should enjoy every moment of the contest. Yes, I’m always checking the contestants over the years and I can’t wait to go to Bulgaria and to get the same experience.

I – Yes I have been preparing a lot for the jesc. On 18th of October me and Magdalena were on a popular Macedonian show “Nedelno Poplade”-AlfaTV and there we meet the Macedonian representative for 2013, Barbara, so she gave us some tips and that really helped. I checked out lots of past songs before auditions!

Have you heard the other 2015 songs yet, any early favourites?

M –Yes, I’ve heard them all and till now believe it or not I like them all. All the songs are very good and all the contestants are very very talented.

I – Yes I’ve heard them and i love them so much. I send them lot of luck on the junior Eurovision scene. I love all of the jesc songs.

Did you hear that my country, Australia, will participate for the first time? What do you think about this?

M- Yes, I’m happy that Australia will be watching and voting too. My cousins live there and I’m happy that they are going to watch me. Australia has a very powerful, beautiful song and a really good singer. And also on JESC this year there are going to be three Macedonians. 😀

I – Yes I’ve heard about it and I’m so happy that they are going to join. I send them luck because they really deserve a good place. big greeting from Macedonia. And also I really want to visit Sydney so much.

What will your costume and stage presentation be like, can you tell us anything?

M –We still don’t know. Sorry. 😛

I – We don’t know about the costume right now but we’re gonna work on that soon. We’re going to have dancers on the stage.

Now we’d like to know more about you! What are your hobbies?

M –I love to hang out with my friends, practice singing or playing the flute, playing with my little sister and mostly listen or make music.

I – My hobbies are singing and playing volleyball. I am going on training for volleyball and i am playing for my school.

Do you speak any languages other than English and Macedonian, or would you like to?

M-Yes, in school we’re learning French, but I would really like to learn Italian.

I – I know English a lot and i really love that language. Also I know Serbian but not the best and German.

What are your favourite things about your country?

M –I adore a lot of things about my country. I love Ohrid. I love all the traditions, all the old buildings, and a lot more.

I – I love that it has lot of mountains, old buildings, lakes and lot of things. Make sure to visit this place, you’ll never forget it.

Quick questions! (Magdalena, Ivana)

Favourite food: pizza 
Favourite country:America 
Cats or dogs? Dogs
Summer or winter? Summer 
Favourite book: The Maze Runner 
Favourite movie: High School Musical

Favourite food: cheeseburgers
Favourite country: Macedonia (i just love my country) haha <3
Cats or dogs? Dogs
Summer or winter? Summer
Favourite book: hajdi
Favourite movie: Mean Girls

Thanks girls, good luck in Sofia from!
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