Lina Kuduzovic: “I’m nervousciting!”

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Happy Monday, here’s an interview with Lina from Slovenia!

Hi Lina! How do you feel about the upcoming contest, not long to go! Are you nervous, or just excited

I am nervousciting! Well, which means both nervous and excited! I hope that I will have a good experience in Sofia!

Last year Ula was Slovenia’s first ever representative in JESC. You both have the same songwriters, is this true (Raay)? How close are you, has she given you any advice?

Well I partly and Maraaya partly wrote the music.. the text is writen by me (with a bit of mom help and of course Maraaya)

Yes! Ula and me know each other since I was 5 years old! She is very kind and nice! She gave me a few advices, but I will tell you just one 😉 let other stay hiden. So she said: Don’t bring any lucky charms with you. If you lose them, your performance won’t be as good as it needed to be.

Whose idea was it for you to enter the Slovenian national final?

Well I wished to go to Mini Ema. As Maraaya is the best producer, I asked Maraaya the duo, if I could make together a good song.

Can you tell us about your song, what are your opinions about it, what is it about? What do you like best about it?

It is about first love. Two people secretly in love. By that I mean, she doesn’t know if he loves her and he doesn’t know if she loves him. Well, I like every part of my song, especialy the english part.

Have you ever followed JESC in the past, and what were your favourite songs, if so?

Yes I did follow JESC for quite a long time now! My favourite 2013 won (Gaia -The Start)

2014: Italia was good, but honestly I liked Krisia much more.

Would you like to represent Slovenia in adult Eurovision one day? What genre would you like to sing if so?

Yes, of course! I would sing about Love, Friendship or a sad but happy at the end song. A ballad type though 🙂

Do you prefer singing alone or with others?

I like singing accapela, which I got inspired by Pitch perfect 1 and 2 not long ago! And I prefer singing with others, because we can all together create an awesome pitch and song!

How have you been preparing for JESC? Have you been checking out what has done well in past years as a strategy?

I watched full JESC 2013 and 2014. But I don’t prepare so much, nothing fancy.

Have you heard the other 2015 songs yet, any early favourites?

Yes! I like all the song and everybody is amazing, but my favourite is Russia – Misha Smirnov. My second favourite is Ukraine and third Serbia. 🙂

Did you hear that my country, Australia, will participate for the first time? What do you think about this? 😀

Yes I did heard about it! It think that the song is really nice! We actually have a dream to come to australia one day, maybe even live there 😀

What will your costume and stage presentation be like, can you tell us anything?

I yet don’t know. But I hope everything will be okay.

Will you release an English version for your song?

Yes, but after Eurovision! 🙂

Now we’d like to know more about you! What are your hobbies besides singing?

I like to dance, draw and now recently I started to like Football.. but I won’t practice it, I will rather stay just with what I can do.

You’ve been singing since you were little (you were very cute on Got Talent!), how was that experience?

Oh thank you! Well I don’t remember a lot, but I know that It was such an awesome experience!

Do you speak any languages other than Slovenian, or would you like to?

I speak: Slovenian, Croatian, German, English and a bit of French. I would like to learn almost all languages, but currently I am learning Russian

What are your favourite things about your country?

Actully, everything! People, Nature, Stores, etc…

Quick questions!

Favourite food: Chicken Salad, if that is logic.

Favourite country: Australia, Spain, Brazil, Russia, Canada, etc..

Cats or dogs? Both

Summer or winter? Both

Favourite book: The fault in our stars

Favourite movie: Hmm.. I can’t decide but i like Comedy, Drama, Family-films, etc..

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